Get an "EDGE" on the competition - Offseason speed training & strength training at Mountain Edge Athletics: Bozeman Speed Training

We give you the "EDGE"! See why professional athletes do their offseason speed training & strength training at Mountain Edge Athletics. Using Speed training, agility training, plyometrics, and strength training; MEA athletics offers a perfect training atmosphere for combine training, football, basketball, rugby, baseball, track, softball, lacrosse, soccer, wrestling, tennis, and volleyball. MEA utilizes cutting edge technology and decades of high level coaching experience to develop your weaknesses into strengths. Learn proper lifting techniques, running form, combine trade secrets, agility and footwork from strength and conditioning coaches who have actually played at highest levels. Super Bowl Champion and certified Performance Enhancement Specialist Matt Ulrich and his staff have come to the Gallitan Valley to provide you and veteran athletes an opportunity to reach their goals.

MEA give every workout a different twist. We believe in challenging our athletes by using high speed treadmills, plyometric boards, stadium stairs, tractor tires, chains, and more. Come find out why Division 1 and Professional Athletes come back to MEA for their off-season workouts. Get the “EDGE” now!

MEA goes above and beyond to help you achieve your potential. MEA is there for you not only inside of the gym, but provides you knowledge to train in season and off season, assistance to prevent injuries, guidance on proper nutrition and Assistance with college recruiting.

MEA has more experience training budding athletes over the last decade than any other trainer in the Northwest. Right now is the time to get first-class, professional instruction and motivation from an All-American, Record Setting, Award Winning, Super Bowl Champion mentor.

Here are just a few things you can expect from Mountain Edge Athletics:

• Improvement in muscular strength
• Improvement in cardiovascular fitness & conditioning level
• Increased speed, agility, and footwork
• Improvement in sports fundamental
• Nutrition & recruiting education and guidance
• Understand how the pros train
• How the human body responds to workouts and the importance of rest and recovery
• Strengthening your mind and learning how to focus (W.I.N.)
• Professional instruction on running and weightlifting techniques and form
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